Theory of the Crypto Partisan

Adapting Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan for Digital Space

“The terrible transformation of the world, which has been accomplished by the headlong expansion of power, lies in that things beyond the measure of our physically given sense of perception have been made visible, audible, perceptible; perceptible and thus capable of possession. The new concept of ownership, or much more: the domination of the functions; cuius regio, eius economia [Whose realm, his economics], is now cuius economia, eius regio [Whose economics, his realm]. The new Nomos [law, custom, or social fabric] of the earth; no more Nomos.”

–Carl Schmitt, Glossarium, 1947

To expand upon the hypothesis that bitcoin and crypto assets are explicit military assets of war, I would like to extend my analysis into the new topographical space that is the internet and how war will be conducted in this space through the lens of Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan (ToP).

This shall be part of a larger series attempting to marry the theories of sovereignty of Carl Schmitt, Walter Benjamin, Giorgio Agamben to cryptosovereignty. Through taking Schmitt’s work (as I have done before with Political Theology) and applying these ideas towards Bitcoin specifically and crypto on a whole, we will have a much better understanding of cryptography’s relationship to war. Through analyzing Bitcoin as a preeminent tool of war, and how anyone may use this power to become a ‘crypto-partisan’, we start to unveil the radical power hidden at the heart of Bitcoin. It is the episteme of cryptography in the digital age; the rhizome which allows for the deterritorialization and remapping of the global (and eventually cosmic space) along new territorial lines that will renewed the nomos of humanity.

Through extending ToP to the digital age, and by understanding crypto as first and foremost as a technology of asymmetrical defensive warfare, we can see the new topographical lines that the internet opens to warfare. By understanding cryptography as the key technique of this new figure of history–the crypto partisan–and their hidden revolutionary war, we can come to understand the truly explosive potential of what is hidden in ‘crypto‘. It is from here that we can understand what the coming new nomos of humanity will look like through the use of cryptography as the base technique to reorganize the political, and come to challege the nation-state itself.

As Schmitt explicitly states at the very end of (ToP):

“The theoretician can do no more than verify concepts and call things by name. The theory of the partisan flows into the question of the question of the concept of the political, into the question of the real enemy and of a new nomos of the earth.”

Through a deep reading of ToP, we can extend its theory of war into the current digital age and illuminate a “new theory of war and enmity” hidden at the center of cryptography. It is a novus ordo seclorum created from the new kind of social contract that is hidden in crypto and the promise that must Bitcoin must cointain.

Aspects And Concepts Of The Last Stage

Let us begin where Schmitt left off in the final chapter of ToP in defining the last stages of the evolution of the partisan. By extending and updating this analysis into the current age with the same methodology that Schmitt uses, we can trace the evolution of the partisan from a telluric power to a caelumic [Caelus, Sky] one. Through tracing the linage of the partisan from “the national and patriotic heros who take to the woods, i.e., all that is characteristics of the elemental, telluric power to repel a foreign invader” to the current space the digital partisan is native to, we find a new understanding of the topology of war. It is one in which the potestas spiritualis [spiritual authority] of the land empire of the state is abandoned for the unidentifiability and infinite topological space of the ‘caelumic‘ nature of cryptography in the digital age.

We will follow the four concepts that Schmitt defines in ToP: the spatial aspect; the destruction of social structures; the interlocking global-political context; and lastly, the technical industrial aspect, of which all feedback into the later for our first analysis. Through a deconstruction of these concepts through the lens of Bitcoin, what crypto means in a Big Brother globalized society of advanced surveillance, and the total unbracketed civil warfare (stasis) that is the destruction of privacy by all states; we start to see the topography of this last stage of total unbracketed war. Here in the thick fog of war, we see the ghostly spectre of the caelumic nature of the crypto partisan as the final figure of the coming cyphernet.

The Spatial Aspect

“Completely independent of the good or ill of men, of peaceful or hostile purposes and goals, any enhancement of human technology produces new horizons and unforeseeable changes in the traditional spatial structure.”

Carl Schmitt, ToP, p. 68

Bitcoin is the technological development of our age which has opened a new horizon for human action and freedom through the fundamental transformation of the topographical spaces of both property and war. Through the novel and unforeseeable consequence of what bitcoin has enabled through cryptography; Bitcoin has secretly declared war on every state, and all fiat money–the nourishment of any modren state. By changing the topography of economics to one totally digital in nature, and by using the mathematical forces of cryptography to create provable systems of protection, we find that crypto economics inverts state economics, fulfilling what is quoted at the beginning of this article: cuius regio, eius economia [Whose realm, his economics], is now cuius economia, eius regio [Whose economics, his realm] (Schmitt, Glossarium, 1947).

By sacrificing the realm of the law, for the imperium of cryptography, Bitcoin has inverted the order of law through expropriating the realm of economics into the digital as an explicit strategy not to escape the law; but to destroy it. Through this totally non-violent economic praxis that strikes directly at the root of the state’s gluttonous ways through fiat money and the seigniorage it must contain; Bitcoin creates an economic strategy of starving the Behemoth of government through withdrawing one’s economic wealth from its parasitic and criminal ways.

Now that bitcoin has broke the link between the state and capital, the final existentialist crisis of law, the emergency of cryptography may begin.

In conjunction to the direct protection of cryptography that is used to shield one’s identity (and thus depriving the state of being able to label on as ‘friend’ or ‘enemy’ of the state) and command total privacy, the Bitcoin blockchain itself is simply a function of truth-in-account for bitcoin units. All units of the system must have proof-of-work–real thermodynamic energy expenditure behind them in order to be minted or exchanged. In other words,

“Veritas, non auctoritas facit legem.”

(Truth, not authority makes legitimacy)

This is an inversion of Hobbes’ dictum of sovereign power found in Leviathan, and is a weaponized form of truth in a world that is governed by lies that go so deep, it is simply called authority or law.

The spatial aspect of the evolution of warfare into a digital topology will always flow back into the natural defensive posture that crypto takes within the confines of the internet, and the citadel of the cyphernet that it is building as the premonition of the coming crypto age. It is in this last stage of development where the state has anointed itself as a god capable of anything, demanding to know all about everyone–there becomes nothing, nothing outside of the state–not even life. This causes for zone of indistinction that blurs all of life, politicizing everything, always reserving the right to criminalize anyone, depriving them of all economic, social, and political means and ultimately the rights to a life itself.

In this zone of indistinction, where the private life and political cause obscure so deeply with each other that they become one; economics itself corroborates with the security state, completely destroying the political concept of the commonality of wealth; namely the most basic commonality: the law itself.

It is the destruction of the polis through the fusion of bios and zoe into one, that has allowed for the creation of the infinitely watching eyes and ears of the technological panopticon. This surveillance apparatus exist to ensure that no one may have any real privacy anymore and that any human may be captured by it, and pulled beyond the law. This is the real state of emergency that has already destroyed our laws, our nomos.

This battle over the law is a stasis; a never-ending global civil war that contains all of life, and every nation-state on the planet. It is bellum omnium contra omnes of the greatest order. Or as Foulcault said more eloquently, “Isn’t power a sort of generalised war which assumes at particular moments the forms of peace and the State? Peace would then be a form of war, and the State a means of waging it.”

While the darkness and fundamental evil that is at the root of such a vision of paranoia and delusional psychosis that is the totalitarian surveillance state of the modern age is difficult to look at; it is the world that we now live within, and is a fundamental fact that we must deal with. However, with such gross and systematic violations of not just privacy, but all of our God-given rights, the coming shipwreck of politics and law is already written, the crisis only needs to begin.

“The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the “emergency situation” in which we live is the rule. We must arrive at a concept of history which corresponds to this. Then it will become clear that the task before us is the introduction of a real state of emergency; and our position in the struggle against Fascism will thereby improve.”

-Walter Benjamin, On the Concept of History, VII

Is there no state that does not demand to violate every single person’s privacy for the safety and security of the state? Is there no person that cannot be labeled ‘enemy combatant’ to become be deprived of all rights and law? This current state of emergency that has become all of our lives has violated all spaces of privacy, and demanded to interlope into all facets of life. There is no longer any space in which any person may be left alone.

The expansion of the surveillance state into the digital sphere is its final projection of power, and its attempt to abolish privacy through this technology is its final move in the consideration of power under this state of emergency. It is where the state can attempt to fulfill its bureaucratic destiny of attempting to seeing all things and attempt to organize all of human life and activity under the sinister rubric of “society must be defended.”

With Big Brother leering down at all of us with hate, vile, and contempt for the meager possibly of being an enemy; we see the digital cages and open air prisons being formed around us. It is a reality where each one of us will be ascribed digital signatures (not unlike the tattoos of the victims of the holocaust) which chains each of us to data to enables a kafkaesque reality–a total surveillance state. It is a reality in which we never know if we are really being watched or not; if we will ever get access to the law, or only stand waiting before it, hoping to one day have access.

At the same time that the noose of the panopticon is tightening around each one of us; the true nature and power of cryptography presents itself in all of its glory. It is the final unstoppable individual right and choice to create privacy through cryptography, and to choose to create the personal wealth and freedom that allows for anyone to slip free of this noose. Through the infinite brinkmanship of privacy violations by the state and their corporate allies; so too is the development, deployment, and dissemination of personal open-sourced cryptographic technologies, and the ability to resist such personal privacy violations.

This brinkmanship of surveillance ends with the state demanding to know everything about every person for reasons that are state secrets–classified only for the worthy state agents and secret spy courts to know and decide upon. Naturally, through the expansion of the surveillance state into the digital sphere and the private lives of everyone; a total unbracketed civil war on privacy itself is initiated. The theater of this total unbracketed war of surveillance now opens into the plains of our private homes and into the digital noosphere that contains all of modern life.

In a world where privacy is being destroyed by every state, the crypto-partisan naturally presents himself as the final revolutionary figure to counter to such a nightmarish panopticon. With Satoshi Nakamoto at the helm of this new class of anonymous crypto-anarchist vanguard, the new topography of war displays itself momentarily as the fog of war shifts to a new dimension and space; where a new social order is being established beyond physical lines.

Destruction of The Social Order

“A Commonwealth exists as res publica, as a public sphere, and is challenged if a non-public space develops within it, which actually repudiates this public sphere. Perhaps this explanation is sufficient to demonstrate that the partisan, who displace the technical-military conduct of the 19th century, suddenly reappeared as the focus of a new type of war, whose meaning and goal was the destruction of the existing social order.”

ToP. p. 72

At the dawn of the 21st century, the internet ushered in something totally new and unexpected–a new kind of surveillance that could look directly into the homes and lives of people. With this the machine of state capitalism could accelerate its plans for The End of History and The Last man, with man’s final consignment to a safe life in the walled gardens of state capitalism; the empty promises of liberalism with a “safe” life of endless worthless empty work. It was the final bold move in the shift from state capitalism to oligopolic empire, that the technological panopticon became the device of power to bridge this gap.

While both the state and its greedy allies of consumerism could see the potential of the new data people were generating as early as the turn of the century; the full scope of the technological panopticon could not be complete without a ‘state of emergency’ that would allow for the full-scale, uncensored spying on all information generated by everyone. The idea of privacy itself had to be destroyed, and only a state of emergency would suffice for such a bold violation of personal privacy and civil liberties.

It is this ‘state of emergency’ which would allow for the full liquidation of all constitutional rights, and to allow for systematic, pervasive, all-seeing surveillance to watch everyone, everywhere, all the time, for any reason it sees fit under the sinister slogan ‘Society Must be Defended‘. This opportunity for such a state of emergency would come on September 11th, 2001, with the terrorist taking center stage of the political theater that would ensnare the lives of every person on the planet. Through the panopticon of global surveillance that could now be justified through the emergency to ‘stop the terrorist’ a state-security based network of globalized monitoring is being deployed.

The Chinese Communist Party has perfected this ’emergency’ and created a surveillance panopticon for the horrific purpose of genocide and ethnic cleansing. They have already started exporting this technology, and the window of opportunity to fight back is dwindling quickly.

With the mechanical eye of the machine of the state starring directly each of us, appraising each move, twitch, and shift we make, constantly seeking to appraise if we, the subject, is a political friend or enemy that must be subjected to punishment and discipline. This was my point in the sovereign, the subject and crypto power, is that anyone can be deprived of their rights from any state for reasons that are deem ‘state secrets’ to everyone.

The internet has destroyed all old social orders, and concepts of privacy, fully liquidating them around the global through the power of the panopticon. This has allowed for governments, businesses, or organizations anywhere to reach directly into the lives of anyone they see fit. Through the destruction of privacy, the social order is liquidated and replaced by the governmental rules of any state; whatever color of greed or oppression they may be.

Only in the total darkness and raw authoritarianism of ‘the state of emergency’ would the the total destruction of all social orders and private wealth be possible. This is the real state of emergency is the impossibility of a private life, or a private wealth that is beyond the state for any reason. With the social order is collapsing into itself, the state leaves no remainder between private and public life. Life itself becomes a zone-of-indifference in which there can be no private life without the state for any reason.

It could only be from a world of this madness that something as miraculous as Bitcoin could be produced. Something like Bitcoin could have only been created in a world where law had abandoned itself totally for the banal avarice of greed and petty material things generations ago. Only in a world where the stupidity and vacuity of a world ran under the slogan of “Auctoritas, non veritas facit legem” (Authority, not truth makes legitimacy) could the truth of something like Bitcoin go beyond being just revolutionary and become the Parousia itself.

Global-Political Context

“The partisan is dependent on the constant help of a community in a technical-industrial position to provide him with the newest weapons and machinery.”

ToP p.75

It was only after the failure of the Soviet Project was the possibility of the global technological revolution that is the single internet possible. Only a widely deployed, global, single decentralized internet would be able to developed its own culture, identity, norms, and most importantly ethics that would produce Bitcoin; but also cultivate and raise cryptography on a whole to where it is today. The Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace more than twenty years ago already contains embryo of values that are reflected in the current autochthonous culture of the internet that has propelled crypto and Bitcoin to where they are today.

Since Barlow’s declaration decades ago, a whole generation of people have been raised on the internet who have similar sentiments, values, and desires as reflected in that declaration. These are the people who would be called the indigenous of the internet; the caelumic peoples of this noosphere that is only ours. These natives understand that the machine of technology is but a tool for the extensions of their own power. They are the ones who have built this place and are starting to realize the reality of what they can do with such a power. It is from these indigenous people that a renewed commonality of wealth has been forged where the motto ‘Pro Aris et Focis‘ rings true for a new class of people and their coming of age.

It was however only with governments turning this technology against their own citizens that the struggle for this technology first started to grow. While the anarchist roots of the cypherpunks have always been present, it was only with these struggles that crypto-anarchist were produced through the code they deployed. Here we find the first traces of crypto-partisan, and the rudimentary tools from which he will liberate himself from the walled garden of society which has become a prison for all.

It is with the turn where governments everywhere are deploying digital technology only for the systematic violation of their own citizens, and to more deeply entrench bureaucratic controls for their own power does the crypto-partisan’s shadow start to be seen. It is from beyond the bondage of identity that he whispers secret facts that are not part of the propaganda agenda, or official media to be consumed. Facts are offered on how to escape from the incessant monitoring, how to create assured privacy, and where to find tools to hack the system and go beyond their sight and permissions. It is a praxis of blinding the technological machine and using that position as a fulcrum of power.

The crypto partisan offers tools and technology of the mind, methods of spiritual sacrimony, and the ability to create a private God to whom only you are privy with. It is a power to see beyond the veil of economic slavery to show anyone that there is something much, much more to this place than meets the eye. It is the possibility that we may each unlock as we start to understand the hidden power lying waiting at the center of Bitcoin, waiting for only the worth to have.

It is the premonition of a world that has lost its nomos; a world waiting for its providence after god has died and enough time has passed to try to remember Him, and the grace and glory of his being-in-the-world.

As one of the greatest poets of modren history has foretold:

Armies cannot stop an idea whose time has come. No army can stop an idea whose time has come. Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

The Technical-Industrial Aspect

“Only revolutionay war made him [the partisan] a key figure of world history.”

ToP p. 77

Today the figure of the partisan is absolutely seen in the image of Satoshi Nakamoto–the first vanguardist of the crypto age. He alone initiated the total unbracketed war against all state using an explicit strategy of non-violent economic action through asymmetric cryptographic techniques to wage his revolutionary war. In taking this action, along with the political statement etched into the genesis block for all of time to see, Satoshi’s war started more than a decade ago and has been secretly building towards its revolutionary cause ever since. Satoshi, by perfectly obfuscating the image of the digital partisan, and the image of the bitcoiner, he created a new form of partisan for his war in the digital space; the crypto-partisan.

It is this figure, the Anonymous Other with loyalty to no state and conceals his identity for his protection alone, who is also the crypto partisan. It is this figure who has caelumic roots found directly in the internet who can call this territory local and their home. The crypto-partisan has a desire to keep the internet open-sourced, with strong privacy, and no boarders. The crypto-partisan has no need for physical identities, and can stands on their own merit and signature alone. There is no need for police or physical corrosion here; just the code alone.

With bombaste and zeal like no other, the crypto partisan techniques go well beyond the mechanization of the code, and into the theater of politics and art alike. It is a pathos of war robbed of is physical nature and where the topology of war evolves beyond physical space, where violence no longer hodls any sway.

The sovereign is the point of indistinction between violence and law, the threshold on which violence passes over into law and law passes over into violence.

— Giorgio Agamben, Homo Sacer

The crypto partisan is a new figure of history, someone who is beyond the physical realm and was produced from a series of extreme techniques of war in order to create perfect forward secrecy for the protect of one’s physical security. Such a power could only be created when the technicity of cryptography had reached such a zenith that it became a permeant feature for secure communications, which in turn could create economic security. Once this technique was globally disseminated, it was only a matter of time before the core values of cryptography would start to assert their real personal, economic, and social value against other such false non-values positioned by an old and dying society that will not relinquish its bloody authority.

Schmitt, in reflecting on the nature of this technicity stated,

“Pure technicity, as obtained in such purely technological reflections, produces no theory of the partisan, but only an optimistic or pessimistic series of more or less powerful assertions of value and non-value. Value, as Ernst Forsthoff aptly put it, has “its own logic,’ namely, the logic of non-value and the destruction of the bearer of non-value.”

ToP p. 77

This quote can only offer its full understanding after reading the short essay, “The Tyranny of Values.” By understanding Bitcoin as a form of value that demands to assert itself against non-value through the total security of cryptography by being beyond any law, we can understand the need for Bitcoin to destroy fiat money because of the inherit non-value it must contain. Here is a longer quote explaining this “value-setting” and its antagonistic nature:

“The genuinely subjective freedom of value-setting leads, however, to an endless struggle of all against all, to an endless bellum omnium contra omnes. In such circumstances, the very presuppositions about a ruthless human nature on which Thomas Hobbes’ philosophy of the state rests, seem quite idyllic by comparison. The old gods rise from their graves and fight their old battles on and on, but disenchanted and, as we today must add, with new fighting means that are no longer weapons, but rather abominable instruments of annihilation and processes of extermination, horrible products of value-free science and of the technology and industrial production that follow suit. What for one is the Devil is God for the other…It always happens that values stir up strife and keeps enmity alive. The fact that the debunked old gods have become merely valorized values only renders the struggle more ghostlike and the fighters hopelessly dogmatic.”

–ToP. p. 79

To display the real wealth that Bitcoin contains, both as a system of rules which is the Bitcoin blockchain and the monetary system it contains; it must assert its superiority as a money and contract system against fiat money and state legal systems antagonistically. Bitcoin does this by presenting its inviolable nature against any and all state legal systems, and Bitcoin’s total indifference to them. The most important feature of this indifference is akin to a flower in the darkest of night. Despite the seemingly total darkness, there is still a secret, natural heliotropism towards the direction of the night from which sunlight must come which the flower will always turn to before any light may be seen.

Bitcoin presents a new form of value through cryptography which assures and proves itself in this fallen world where money has been totally corrupted by the state. The ‘value’ of fiat money today is little more than political approval to spend one’s money how one wishes. Fiat money is a form of value that is devoid of real wealth because of it lacks true property rights–fiat money can always be seized by the state, for whatever reason they see fit. It is a kind of false value that can only find value within the confines of law, and not beyond it.

With the wide dissemination of strong encryption techniques, and the miraculous gift that is Bitcoin, there is hope for something radically and fundamentally different from the false value of fiat money. The possibly to resist the totalitarian surveillance machine with these revolutionary tactics of cryptography has already been initiated, and this should be understood as the natural development of ‘crypto’ for the episteme it is.

Legality and Legitimacy

This is the title of his 1932 essay on the topic of legality and legitimacy. In this essay where Schmitt predicted the fall of the Weimar Republic, and the seizure of power by either the Nazis or the communist due the the failings that are inherent to liberal constitutionalism itself. Schmitt understood that through trying to integrate enemies under the great umbrella of parlamentarism, it created the very conditions for its own downfall. This parlamentarism denies the enmity between peoples who no longer seek to negotiate freedoms with one another; but wish to actively suppress one another using the state.

Schmitt gave himself over to the Nazis, and was even the mouthpiece of explaining Hitler’s actions during the The Night of Long Knives. In explaining this action (taking a clear nod towards Mussolini’s actions in the Matteotti Crisis) Schmitt gave the judicial explanation which cleared the way for fascism in Germany to seize hold. The method of how this happened clearly has infected our current legal system, and is the method by which the law has been destroyed through its stratification.

This was my point in the sovereign, the subject, and crypto-power. We are no longer citizens that are subject to the law, but are already captured within a framework where we will never gain access to the law by possibility of being an ‘enemy combatant’. Through the labeling of ‘enemy of the state,’ the state can turn anyone into a nemesis that cannot be given access to the law, but only a terrorist to be deprived of it.

Schmitt revisits this idea in ToP, which displays the important connection of legality and legitimacy to the partisan and the legitimization of his idea of just war.

Without the legitimacy of a political movement to which the partisan can be attached; his actions are simply crime, and the revolutionary nature of his work can always be relegated to the criminal world. However, it is once his actions as a soldier of war have been linked to that of a political movement, that the final Clausewitzian turn can be fulfilled with, “war being the continuation of political by other means.

In order for the crypto partisan to move beyond that of the meager hacker and criminal, he must link up with and legitimize his movement with other contemporary political movements. He must create known and open political objectives for his movement with a general understanding of who the real enemy is. In short, the crypto-partisan must find his natural allies through political movements which demand the full recognition of who the enemy is, what their violations are, and what must be done to remit such damages.

The Real Enemy

“The enemy is not someone who, for some reason or other, must be eliminated and destroyed because he has no value. The enemy is on the same level as I am. For this reason, I must fight him to the same extent and within the same bounds as he fights me, in order to be constant with the definition of the real enemy by which he defines me.”

ToP p.85

It must be understood the the enemy is a limited character. The enemy only defines himself insofar that we both desire to end hostilities and creates some means of peaceable agreement between us. This is the bracketing effect of modern war that Schmitt starts ToP with, speaks about how the bracketing of Napoleonic wars allowed for the Concert of Europe and the century of ‘peace’ that came from that. This bracketing of war, is what has allowed for states to stop distracting themselves with fighting each other, and to turn to look at their own citizens as the absolute enemy.

From The Real Enemy to The Absolute Enemy

The real enemy is each of our respective governments against each of us as individual human beings. They have become the absolute enemy because they will not recognize the absolute protection that the law demands for each and every being if its weight is to have any real meaning beyond raw authoritarian power.

As Schmitt has said, “Tell me who your enemy is and I will tell you who you are.” Through each of us just having the possibility of being the absolute enemy (the terrorist) of whatever state that may claim us, we should clearly understand who our government are to us, and who we are to them.

Through the destruction of all forms of privacy via the technological machine of the internet, a panopticon of the greatest order has been created. Each person today is identified and cataloged by the state, with each one of us placed in a persistent zone of indistiction that holds each of us eternally to be constantly appraised as friend or enemy. It is the fulfillment of the prophecy that, “To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so.

To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be place under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.

It must be clear and present to everyone who is involved in crypto that what is being created here is not about grandeur, decadence, or even money; but it is about raw and naked political power through economic liberty, and the right of every human has to such power. It has only been over the long course of the failures of the political systems of the 20th century and the continual barbarism of constant wars under which all of humanity has toiled and suffered that it has became apparent that this is the fundamental destiny of man under any modren nation-state and its corrupt and hopeless law of the wicked and damned.

With the radical technological expansion of the internet and the dissemination of its new techniques of knowledge in the 21st century, it was only a matter of time before the truth of all things would come to people everywhere, and the hatred and enmity that goes with such a truth. Only with a true understanding of the facts of economic and monetary history of the world do we also understand who the absolute enemy really is. With the revolutionary economic tool of bitcoin at our disposal and the radical protection of the cryptography it contains, it is only a matter of time before the final epoch of the cyphernet opens to swallow everything.

Erik is a crypto-anarchist, iconoclast, and thinker that has been working in the bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. His primary concerns are the intersections of political, economic, and social theory as they relate to bitcoin specifically and crypto generally.