The Theological Conquest of Money

The Destruction of Leviathan

The messianic power hidden in bitcoin and how it can save the world

“All genuine political theories presuppose man to be evil.”

— Carl Schmitt, On the Concept of the Political

Bitcoin is beyond revolutionary.

It is Messianic.

It is messianic for the very reason that it has done what no man, institution, political theory, or sovereign king could have ever accomplished with any form of law:

To create a truly free — as in freedom, and the liberty that must go with it — form of wealth that any human-being, anywhere in the world or beyond, no matter their station of birth, place of residence, creed, or color may use with no intermediary. Through the power and majesty of cryptography, Satoshi created a new economic, and thereby social and political commonwealth for the internet alone. Through imbuing economic value directly into the framework of the digital, Satoshi created a form of power that could reach beyond the violence of any physical power, including the state and its infinite violence. Through this destituent power (potenza destituente) bitcoin closes the door of law, and opens the messianic possibility of a humanity beyond any law through the theological power found hidden at the center of cryptography.

Through the theological conquest of fiat money and the coming obliteration of the state monetary system, bitcoin proves that it is a form of commonwealth that can replace law without violence. Bitcoin presents itself as the blade of Alexander the Great to the Gordian’s Knot of state and money. Bitcoin unapologetically severs the relationship between the two, uncompromisingly leaving nothing behind. Bitcoin is the final decision to destroy the relationship between the state and money, and the messianic promise that entails.

Bitcoin has the power to destroy the old, corrupt legal apparatus of state and fiat money that has enslaved every human on the planet; and to free every human for the great destiny that awaits us all. Bitcoin alone has initiated the final war against all fiat money for the freedom of the whole of humanity. Liberated from corrupt fiat money and the chains of debt that obligates and enslaves; bitcoin has induced a theological struggle over the meaning of wealth and value itself. Through forsaking the protection of the state, for the imperious sovereignty bitcoin has proven through cryptography, we find a new theological power which is the foundation of new kind of common law found through the digital.

A commonwealth of cryptography

Through the radical critique that is bitcoin is to all state fiat monetary systems, bitcoin has illuminated the path towards a way to completely disengages all legal and economic apparatuses of the state vis-a-via cryptography. It is a means of organization beyond any law through the theater of total unbracketed war. This is the history of crypto and the etymology of its praxis. This opens the spectacular possibility of a totally new form of human organization that is built on top of the guarantees of cryptography, the decentralized nature of such systems, and the personal power this technology entails. Bitcoin proves a form of human economic organization that is beyond the power of any form of violence or law, which is the very reason why cryptography is the engine that can be called messianic.

Bitcoin over the last ten years has create a single global movement that is loyal to no nation-state, no government, no military anywhere on the planet; but towards an ethics of a commonality of wealth. Through the radical protection cryptography offers to this new form of property found within bitcoin, the bonds of a new commonwealth have been formed.

The power found in this new commonwealth offers a kind of protection which no law anywhere can guarantee anymore. In our world where all law has been subsumed by the criminal and corrupt, and is openly prostituted by political pimps for the lowest insulting price, we know that there is nothing left to be said; just a system of exploitation to destroyed.

Bitcoin has opened the Pandora’s Box which contains the messianic possibility of a world freed from the corrupt law of the old and their blood-stained money. And this is all being done while introducing the order of the new that will replace the old forms of rule — a novus ordo seclorum. It is this seed of knowledge/power at the core of this technology that introduces a possible response to the totalitarian evil that is statism and its panoptic apparatus of total control: fiat money.

We must remember that it is foretold that the Messiah does not arrive as the redeemer, but as the subduer of the anti-christ. And with this technological Spear of Destiny we have been handed by Satoshi, the possibility of subduing the twin evils of the state legal apparatus and fiat money has appeared. Just in the brink of time as well, with the menacing shadow of the fascist panopticon machine and their all-seeing five-eyes growing in magnitudes and orders with each passing day. We are here to blind behemoth, to tear out its eyes with our spear and mutilate it beyond recognition in order let it be known, that our privacy was never for sale, and it will never be taken from us again.

Bitcoin has proven its steadfastness and piousness to its codebase, and its inability to violate its oath to its supply schedule or the functions of its system is its liturgical order. Bitcoin has proven its sovereignty through its code alone, and there is no exception to that. Through baring its sovereignty openly to the face of the world, bitcoin impels a new kind of theological faith found through cryptography and its capacity to conquer fiat money and the law behind it. This is a power which forsakes the protection of the state, for the proof the code can offer. It is a spiritual practice that does not ask for trust, but verification.

The theological value of truth and fairness

Bitcoin creates its economic value through the glory of the truth and fairness of its economic system. This value is of absolutely metaphysical nature because it calls into question the ontological being of man with his machines of law, technology, finance, the internet, and cryptography, from which he cannot escape. Through the power of cryptography pushing its way from the periphery of human experence only as technique of communications under total war, to one of the central organizational principals of humanity today, we must ask ourselves what does a cryptographic proof offer to man that he cannot offer to himself?

It is the oath to the commonalty of the law itself.

Over the entire concourse of the history of man, man has proven himself incapable of maintaining his oath to any law; while the machine has proven itself incapable of breaking its oath to its system of ordering, or code. Through replacing the ordering of the theological with that of the technological, we finally find ourselves back at the start of all things; the great order of the ages is born afresh — a novus ordo seclorum.

Through bitcoin’s total obligation to only its code alone, it has created a most fair and judicious system which demands that anyone who wants to bare the value of the system must prove the work of the system — there is no cheating allowed. Through the glory of bitcoin’s proof-of-work and the sacrifice of real electrical energy that is needed to continually verify its ledger, and secure its timechain, bitcoin executes a cryptographic liturgy which proves and guarantees itself through the code alone. And as the timechain of bitcoin grows and grows to verify its sovereignty again and again, proving its glory over and over as time grows on, more and more will come to accept the cryptographic theology that gives bitcoin its sovereignty.

Through proof-of-work bitcoin continually verifies its sovereignty from any government anywhere, and with each block that passes such facts become more resolute, resounding, and imperious. By its very nature and existence bitcoin opens up a totally new political topography in which people can use cryptographic systems to asymmetrically organize themselves against any enemy that is tens of powers stronger than they are.

Cryptography is the most revolutionary of tactics, for it seizes the means of communication and ensures the entirety of their secrecy; which can mean the difference between life and death, victory or vanquishment. It is when this tactic becomes not only the means of the revolution, the the production of it; the most spectacular transformation is created. A messianic object is created insofar that it goes beyond revolutionary and creates the possibility for the total elimination of law, while still assuring absolute personal protection of all individuals through cryptography. Through the solidarity of cryptography and the knowledge/power it endows us with, a new commonwealth is born.

The theological glory of guaranteed wealth protection

“The obligation of subjects to the sovereign is understood to last as long, and no longer, than the power lasteth by which he is able to protect them. For the right men have by nature to protect themselves, when none else can protect them, can by no covenant be relinquished.”

-Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

All people everywhere have been violated by their respective sovereigns and are no longer offered any kind of power of protection by any government, but only the threat of withholding violence or death. Through the power of the new form of common-wealth found within bitcoin, we find the final cause for the most general kind of solidarity for all people everywhere: the total freedom of money, and its separation from any state anywhere. Here we find a new theological cause to which bond our lives, our honor, and most importantly, our wealth.

Only those that understand the majesty and glory of this cause, who believe with fervency and faith in what we are doing, and what we are creating, shall be rewarded in-kind for their hodling and faith in this future we are demanding. We understand that Bitcoin is a tool, a weapon of unparalleled consequence that arms the populous like nothing before and it is our means to building, achieving, and keeping our freedom. Through this tool alone, we can again find the ability to escape the totalitarian nightmare that is consuming humanity, and find the way to a new liberated world unlike anything imagined before.

Through the simple power of fixing bitcoin’s money supply in the past, and forcing the machines into an unbreakable oath for their own cause and glory, Satoshi glitched out the machine of power that is money, the false god that is state capitalism, and opened the messianic possibility of a world without law. In this shattering of the relationship between state and capital, the most spectacular power is created: a commonwealth of cryptographically proven value.

To separate the state from money, just as religion was separated from the state centuries ago; is to induce the final epoch where humanity can achieve the liberty that is intended only for it. It is the destiny of all of humanity to throw off the shackles of fiat money, and to walk into a radical new future where we seize the freedom and liberty intended only for us. To free wealth from the shackles of fiat money and the parasitic leviathan of the state is our holy war. We understand the barbarous relic that fiat money is, and we are impel towards a new theology which can save us from this evil through the power of cryptography and the redemption it offers. Bitcoin uses a theology of cryptography to prove its sovereignty, refusing the yoke of any authority except for the mathematical proofs of a Spinozian God alone.

Just as Martin Luther opened the schism from which the people could throw off the yoke of state religion, so too has Satoshi pointed us towards the path of liberation. He has given us hope in this world of avarice, vacuousness, and corruption, while creating the opportunity to create real commonality of wealth that is beyond the corruption of men, to become something so much greater. To create a better world through a more fair and just kind of money and economic organization is to create the opening from which the messianic prophecy can be fulfilled. Bitcoin is messianic for the very reason that it opens a path towards the practical refusal of all law through economic means alone.

The one and only common-wealth of law

One day humanity will play with law just as children play with disused objects, not in order to restore them to their canonical use but to free them from it for good.

-Giorgio Agamben, State of Exception

There is no more negotiations, pleading with the politicians, or hoping to convenience the statist of otherwise. This is a war over control of the control of wealth, who is entitled to create it, and how it should be monitored, controlled, issued, and tokenized. The present history of all states is a history of mass exploitation through fiat monetary systems, choking economic regulation, and total social liquidation. The state’s control of money is its ring of power to which it demands to see over ever facet of our lives, and every bitcoiner is here to destroy it.

In the anarchist tradition, Bitcoin screams with a thunderous crack;

No Gods, No Masters

We refuse to capitulate our economic, social, and political power to the insane corruption and idiotic mission of such a society as this. We seek to destroy this disgusting system of exploitation, soulless consumerization, and free our friends and family from the camps that every state has setup around the whole of life. We will no longer allow for the false gods of any state, or their masters of fiat capital to tell us what is right and wrong, what is for our own good, safety, or otherwise. As Daniel Webster warned us nearly two centuries ago:

“There are men, in all ages, who mean to exercise power usefully; but who mean to exercise it. They mean to govern well; but they mean to govern. They promise to be kind masters; but they mean to be masters.”

The issuance, control, and monopolization of money to control the entirety of the wealth of the human race is nothing short of the final political objective of the evil of man, and the avarice that is his infinite vice for power. All the history of the world shows that power corrupts, and that such corruption will be found in any form of law no matter what. And with this, all law is torn asunder for the mighty weight of thirty pieces of silver.

When the authoritarianism that hides behind the law is allowed to control money itself; it will always use that power to enrich the small, elitist class of men who will control such money to the destruction of the whole commonwealth. The common-wealth of law has shipwrecked on the destitute shores of this Hell we call society because the commonality of wealth through fiat money, government restriction, and crony capitalism leaves us with only one thing left in common: It is not law, but tyranny.

To break the economic control of the state and their banking and financial allies is the most revolutionary action that is possible today, and it is through bitcoin that it can be achieved. There are thousands aimlessly hacking at the branches of evil, but there was one who choose to strike at the root directly: Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ubermensch Satoshi Nakamoto

Whoever he/she/they may be (except, of course, the fraudulent loser Craig Wright), Satoshi has proven himself to be the Ubermench of our time. Not for the incredible power and wealth he possesses, nor for the extraordinary genius and exquisite grace by which he was able to build, execute and deploy Bitcoin; but because of his choice to walk away.

By Satoshi choosing to keep their true name concealed, and allow for the code alone to accomplish the feat which no man of flesh and blood could do, is to fulfill the greatest task that could ever be done. By walking away, Satoshi fulfilled a power of economic, social, and political refusal; a destituent power which she alone has produced through her refusal of the greatest sum of wealth ever conceived.

In taking this action of refusal — refusing to accept fiat money, participate in the economic of corruption, or to be identified by the political apparatus of death — Satoshi proved it had a deep understanding of what value truly was as a metaphysical maxim. In the words of Schmitt, Satoshi understood that:

“Value must continuously valuate, that is to say, it must bring its influence to bear: otherwise it dissolves into an empty manifestation. Whoever says value brings its influence to bear and has it enacted. Virtues are practiced, norms are applied, orders are executed, but values are set up and enacted. Whoever asserts a value, must bring its influence to bear. Whoever maintains that it has value regardless of the influence brought to bear by any individual human being who endorses it, is simply cheating.”

— Carl Schmitt, The Tyranny of Values

By walking away from the machine of power that it created, Satoshi also closed the door of law from being able to come to our home of cyberspace, while creating the opening for a totally new form of politics to be enacted. Through this sacrifice and choice to walk away, Satoshi enacted a machine of political power and glory that no amount of violence can destroy, no amount of tyranny can control. The value of bitcoin is the creation of a new commonwealth of law governed by the open source code and the protocols which forms a kind of wealth beyond any state or government because of the cryptography at their core.

Through the cryptographic commonwealth that is governed entirely by the axioms of the code, and through the binary interpretation of the machine, man is finally allowed to bridge the abyss between positive law, and its implementation in this world through his anthropomorphic machine of technology. Through this technology man bares the real economic, social, political, and ultimately theological value of what it means to be truly free in this statist world. Cryptography creates an opening for the the messianic possibility of using this technology to save humanity from the impending horrors we all know are lurking just beyond the horizon.

Just as in all spheres God opposes myth, mythical violence (statism) is confronted by the divine. And the latter constitutes its antithesis in all respects. If mythical violence is lawmaking, divine violence is law-destroying; if the former sets boundaries, the latter boundlessly destroys them; if mythical violence brings at once guilt and retribution, divine power only expiates; if the former threatens, the latter strikes; if the former is bloody, the latter is lethal without spilling blood.

The here-and-now, which as the model of messianic time summarizes the entire history of humanity into a monstrous abbreviation, coincides to a hair with the figure, which the history of humanity makes in the universe. Through this messianic action of creating a form of wealth which no amount of violence, nor any form of state law could ever govern or control, Satoshi has opened the gate from which the figure may enter into the creation of the kingdom of heaven on this earth. It is through the conquest of money, and the global solidarity that bitcoin assures and guarantees through its new God of cryptography; we find the power to not create a new form of law, but to free us from all law for good.

Erik is a crypto-anarchist, iconoclast, and thinker that has been working in the bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. His primary concerns are the intersections of political, economic, and social theory as they relate to bitcoin specifically and crypto generally.