The Question Concerning Bitcoin

This essay is model upon Heideggerian Metaphysics and can only communicate its full breadth with some understanding of Martin Heidegger’s philosophy. Many words and terms that are use in this essay such as ‘The Turning, Dasein, The Danger’ etc. are specific terms that are taken directly from Heideggerian Metaphysics and have explicit philological and etymological meaning for why they were selected. While the essay is understandable without prior knowledge of Heideggerian Metaphysics, it would be extremely helpful to have some understanding of Heidegger’s works in order to understand why such terms and a structure was selected for this essay. I highly recommend reading “On The Question Concerning Technology” before approaching this essay in order to understand this essay particularly.

“In what follows we shall be questioning concerning technology. Questioning builds a way. We would be advised, therefore, above all to pay heed to the way, and not to fix our attention on isolated sentences and topics. The way is a way of thinking. All ways of thinking, more or less perceptibly, lead through language in a manner that is extraordinary. We shall be questioning concerning technology, and in so doing we should like to prepare a free relationship to it. The relationship will be free if it opens our human existence to the essence of technology. When we can respond to this essence, we shall be able to experience the technological within its own bounds.”

Opening statement of “On The Question Concerning Technology” by Martin Heidegger, [Bold mine]

In this essay, we shall propose the question concerning ‘Bitcoin’ in reflection on Heidegger’s “On The Question Concerning Technology.” What we are seeking is the core essence of what the essence of Bitcoin is, and how through its unveiling, unraveling, and decrypting we will come to understand that this question is inherently and intrinsically tied to the question concerning technology, but this can only be seen once we have a firm grip on this essence. For it is only once we can decrypt what the question concerning technology will we be able to understand why its answer is the essence that is Bitcoin.

What we are trying to establish is that Bitcoin is secretly The Dasein of Weltgeist. The Being of The World Sprit manifesting as an idea whose time has come. Like the Twelve Tablets, Magna Carta, Ninty-Five Theses, Declaration of Independence, and The Rights of Man; Bitcoin is the manifestation of the jewels that are the providence of the human race when they come to recognizing the power that lies hidden waiting for only them to discover. This discovery is something that is only meant for you and I–at this moment, at this time, in this world, under these circumstances, right NOW. It is what is as far and beyond coincidence as anything can be–for this is the only way that it could be, and you recognizing that right now. The answer to the question concerning technology is the question that individual humans from all walks of life, and every station of birth must ask themselves in order to dignify themselves before the jury of the world. For it is this question that allows for us to rise to the task that has been asked of only us in order to renew the order of the ages, or descend into the madness that is our current time. It is a most magnificent and spectacular question that can be asked and upon which the whole world will change. It will renew the power of language and actualized its value through the oath that is bitcoin and the secret promise it cointains.

We must understand Bitcoin as a linguistic phenomena that merges statements of value with cryptographic proofs to produce statements of absolute truth. A value that absolutely demands and commands itself to valuate itself immediately for the oath it always maintains. This allows for Bitcoin’s timechain to create a semantics of assurance based upon prior statements that are inscribed upon the blocks of the timechain which can be said to be immutable. Like the markings inscribed upon Rai Stones for all of the public to see, so are the inscriptions on The Timechain for all of the world to see. This creates a system which links and intermeshes language and physics in such a way that it can only create statements that have been cryptographically proven.

A cryptographic proof can surely be read and recognized, but it may not be spoken. There is an ancient word also that may be recognized, and read, but cannot be spoken: YHWH. It is a secret word that only we can personally know, and can only be holy so long as it is held in secret–it is the hidden tetragrammaton at the bottom of crypto that obscures the name YHWH with the private key. The song of songs that is the secret hymn that is Bitcoin.

However we live in the Fallen World, where Man has been evicted from Paradise, and it is because our language of Babel no longer can hodl meaning. This is why man cannot actualize his word through any oath any longer. While this was once fault of individual men and their own failings; it has been since the end of WWII with the total catastrophe of statism and Hyperwar, that man no longer is who is in control, but The State. The sickly apparatuses and machinery of the deep state behind its all-powerful curtain of panoptic Terror and killing technology has declared itself to be beyond any and all law, and that it has a right to any State of Emergency for any reason it sees fit. All States have declared their existence to be above and beyond all forms of biological life for any reason that they find sufficient. They have declared that they are entitled to know everything about everyone and everything for whatever reason they see fit. The nightmare is reality and the shifting shadows of the cave have become real.

The Terror has ensured that we all live inside of a total emergency now, where no human may access the law anymore, but only stand before its door, waiting for a promise that cannot be delivered. We are shipwrecked on the lawlessness of statism; a false god’s law that has every exception to their exhausted prattle that they call law. It is this conception of a raped and mutilated law that has rendered justice absolutely impossible and which has killed God. It is also how we must atone for the greatest of all sins which is to rendering language itself meaningless against the shadow of the sovereign’s silent action which aborts justice in its zygot form.

This is how the sovereign exception actualizes the force-of-law today. This silent action which acts as a testimony to the failings of language also contains this zygot form. It is in the first move of the State–the creation of the exception itself which the sovereign reserves for himself alone, that which also renders language useless–can be the inversion of this dynamic to create something messianic. Through the fusion of action and language into a singular object that cannot be divided from itself (The Oath), the Sovergin exception is exploded with the resounding justice of Divine Violence. A truth so radical it kills the State without shedding a drop of blood; and delivers the expiation by which humanity will redeem itself from the catastrophe that we call Statism. It is the Saving power the lies hidden and waiting in the Danger for our discover in order activate The Turning in which we will find the secret essence that is the being of man and his technology that we call peace.

For the very reason that man’s exist is only Before The Law; and not within its infinite halls, with each door having a more powerful guard than the last. There is no solution to be found in those halls, archaic institutions of the past. There is only a refusal to be enacted that will Immanentize the Eschaton and allow for us to return to the countryside from which we came.

We must understand that the essence of Bitcoin is not a function or feature of its cipher suites, or of the mathematical assemblage that renders its timechain potent, nor even to its final form and purpose as a kind of money or value; but pertains directly our relationship with it and what it enable with ourselves in its final form. This requires a deep level of astute questioning in order to unraveled the successive layers that such questioning leads. With each layer deeper that we go, more is unveiled, which creates even more questions, of which continues the unraveling of the deciphering until we can come to our final resting place of das Entbergen (The Unencrypted). This is the hidden essence that is understood at the moment of unveiling, and it is only for the briefest of instants, like a flash of lightning, or the settling of a rolled pair of dice before disappearing back into is own mystery that will always be the entropy of the universe. It is a moment that belongs only to Kyros, and the providence that just so happens to seem like the luck of moments, but the truth is in fact the deepest of secrets.

We must always be wary and suspicious of our path of questioning, for the Danger of misinterpreting The Enframing that will create an invisible cage of our own deception to which there will be no exit, no escape if we are to do this in error. To be seized by The Danger of such an error is unique to our age insofar that the elimination of the entire human race as ‘free’ comes into frame when we fail to grasp at such erroneous thinking. We are dealing with powers that are far beyond the ability of terrestrial man to personally, socially or spiritually comprehend or to measure with any meaningful stick. We must know with certainty that in our framing of the understanding of the issue at hand that to misinterpret it would be certain capture, which means a fate much worse than death.

It is important to begin from a point that understands that our thoughts and ways of thinking concerning Bitcoin have already been captured, and can only be freed through the correct way of thinking. This capturing through Enframing encrypts the true meaning of Bitcoin to all, except those who have prepared themselves for the correct way of thinking about crypto. Frequently we see a malformed production of thinking that has been captured by Enframing present itself as ‘crypto’. The double concealment of this term ‘crypto’ both etymologically, but also philologically traces the same pathways as the misunderstandings of crypto both in mathematical but also physical security sense. Again, we must emphasize the need to prepare for the correct way of thinking through language in order to lead ourselves to a free relationship with technology, of which, only Bitcoin can fulfill. It is this private key to understanding why the answer to the question concerning technology is ‘Bitcoin’ and not ‘Crypto’ that we also see the difference between Enframing, and The Turning.

Through erroneously understanding ‘crypto’ in which the word itself conceals its own meaning to itself; we also see the path of concealment that is Enframing. It is this hidden feature that does not readily and openly present itself, but represents the guile and sycophantry to which ‘crypto’ presents itself as being ‘decentralized’ ‘immutable’ and ‘like Bitcoin’ along with all of the other things that are said about ‘crypto’ but is not true. This presentation of crypto is Enframing because as we come closer to The Turning, Enframing lends itself to The Danger which we warned of in the beginning.

The Danger is the fusion of ‘crypto’ with The State to create The Technological Panopticon through CBDCs. This will allow for a kind of control that allows Nation-States a full command and control of not just the economy, but the very shape and form of all of human life; to allow for the state to mold what is a healthy and good citizen. The Danger is the false promise of safety and security from the state under the premise of the Emergency that only the Sovergin can solve. It is a trap and will destroy the last remnant of what we could call a free life if we are to be captured in The Danger that is the creation of The Technological Panopticon through the false promise of crypto.

To avoid this trap of Enframing from ensnaring us in its dyer grips, we must prepare ourselves for this right way of thinking. To burn open the fields of thought, to clear way for a primary form of thinking that must absolutely lead itself though language with damning provability and verification. For is only through the right way of thinking do we find the right way of questioning that will lead to the private key of that is the secret liberation from this Hell. Only keen and astute observation developed from critical thinking will unwrap and unencrypt these secrets of power that only magicians and preist of the past have known. It is the disclosure of knowledge/power through the direct personal understanding that creates a new way of thinking that liberates us from The Danger we are now facing. This unencrypting is what allows for language itself to create, sign, and signify its own meaning. From this, a new free relationship with technology will be established that will lead to a form of self-care that can only be called ethical in its most primitive and basic form that can be created.

What is at stake in building the particular technology of Bitcoin is that of life itself. Not the raw biological life that is the end objective of all states and their need to project biopower on to any subject; but of the true, secret life that will always be beyond any kind of state, any projection of physical power, any manifestation of the technological. It is the true, secret, personal life that each of us live within ourselves, that is our Being-in-the-World and can never be known outside the immanence that is a life. It is the secret of life lived for itself and what it means to hodl something as the dearest of all secrets, never to be exposed and for The Mystery to always be home to which we are beckoned to return to.

This secret life is a life that is caught up and enmeshed with its own risk of living, and the self-imposed questioning of the worth of living this life. This life may only find meaning through the decrypted meaning of itself under the conditions of The Danger and how such a questioning creates the Saving Power as well. It is in this moment of deep questioning in which Kairos shows himself to be the final God in which all other moments are created and Providence resolves itself. That He is the guardian to The Opening that is human life, and through the closure of the door of law, and the unique present moment that is created when the final understanding of what Bitcoin means as a language in this world is finally unveiled.

It is only through the opportunity that is created under the conditions of The Danger that the correct kind of Enframing can present itself which leads to the correct question concerning technology which allows for The Turning to come into view, which is Bitcoin. The correct and final Enframing that is The Turning is created when The True Question is presented that goes beyond The Danger and creates The Saving power through this radical questioning. The Saving power grows within The Danger and is hidden within it as an embryo waiting for its time. The Saving Power only shows itself in the most cataclysmic moments where it is possible for the Danger to prevail and may overwhelm all. It is only here on the edge of fate and the destruction of man that we find the Saving Power. This is the hidden secret that a life will always contain from the risk of The Danger for the very being that it is, and what it means to try to find the Saving Power in a life that is worth living.

To be clear, the life we are speaking of here is that of Homo Sacer–the Sacred Man–the one who may be killed, but never sacrificed. This is a life that has waited before The Law for eternity only to realize in the final moments of Death that his life will never be allowed to live. It will never be sanctioned to pass unto the law, to be given the right to itself and for itself alone. It is inside the order through its preclusion of the order. Both inside and out, it is a life that the state has full watch over and may decide to do with it what it pleases. It is the violation of the convent that can never be relinquished; the preclusion of all safety and any security for the infinite danger the state will always be.

Those who truly understand the Danger have the possibility of turning away from The Law and to return to the country from which they came. For a life to return to itself for itself to own alone–to hide away and live the quiet life of private happiness that is silent bliss. It is a life that is without law, but also without The Danger and the false promise that Enframing creates. It is a private life that is removed from monitoring and interloping that Enframing will always create, and that will always demand compliance at the price of life. This private life, while being reserved for itself, it also is not part of The Turning, as it is hidden away and harbored from The Danger where The Turning is not possible.

This life of Homo Sacer is a life that is an inversion the wretched figure of akephalos which Hobbes’ Sovereign reigns over as a total and complete king. It is a life that only comes into meaning only in the secret moments where physical life itself is used as a token to overcome The Danger, and banish The Enframing of this modren life in order to free oneself with The Saving Power and the infinity of its cause. Through the exposure of the self to the real possibility of death by The Danger, The Turning takes place in which man will liberate himself from the machine of Enframing, and expose himself to The Plane of Immanence from which metaphysics will revealed–but only for him alone, and only for the briefest moments that becomes the Alpha point of before and after. It is here that the first of all agreements–the one that only The Free may make.

It is this moment that all else hangs upon. It is the place where man faced with certain death courageously chooses to meet it smiling and laughing–welcoming it as a friend for the glory it offers, the permanence it entails. It is this very place where death presents itself fully, that the possibility of total redemption also is unveiled. But this understanding of the world Turns itself once again into the finality that is this demand of understanding and of meeting the world. It is the truth of this life, and the understanding of the conclusion that God is Dead and only we may build something better, and more fitting for our times in His place.

It is in these briefest of moment where Arcana Homini exposes itself that we find the infinite power of a life lived through the choice of the risk of death. These are the moment that forge the real champions of life, the Ubermenchs who we have been waiting for; only those who can offer redemption. These are the secret moments where the meaning of all things unveil themselves for the briefest and most glorious of all moments; where God shows himself in all of his majesty and infinite grace and glory–and just for the slightest moment before becoming hidden once again. They are the moments of transcendental contact where life goes beyond its raw biological form, and presents the grandeur that is a life worth living for is life worth dying for. It is the moment of spiritual conversion where we go beyond our mortal form and see our authentic being may we dive into the ethos of humanity through the understanding that there are some things worth dying for.

Let us be clear: there will be no redemption if we fail to sufficiently understand the question concerning Bitcoin. We must understand why the cryptography of Bitcoin offers us a new kind of communication, a new language from which techniques of Truth can be executed with absolute precision. A communication that is the extension of a way of thinking, a thinking that is lead through language in a manner that is extraordinary. This is why the utmost attention must always be paid to our line of questioning so that we remain open to the true hidden essence of what Bitcoin really is, why it necessitates the use of crypto, and what may occur at the final moment of unveiling towards the understand of the language that is the technological essence of Bitcoin. This lightning strike of knowledge where this unpronounceable language of truth flashes as understanding, as thing-king, as a linguistic phenomenal that is beyond the words of man, but bonded to his core being of truth, is what we seek to unveil. It is an authenticity that is so original to our modern world, that it Turns everything with its new language of Truth.

As Heidegger points out, technology is not the equivalent of the essence of technology, and thus if we think in terms of only pushing forward the technological aspects of Bitcoin, its fundamental essence will always evade us, and why many thoughtlessly conclude with crypto. Everywhere we will remain unfree and chained to this technology, mindlessly push forward the boundaries of its capacity, without understand the oppressive chains it will be creating if we presume only these ends. We must understand bitcoin as something more than just technology, and we must try to understand what exactly it is.

It is the most vexing of questions, not because of complex cryptographic material that makes its form, nor for the graceful and immutable contract that underpins the Timechain that is the makeup of Bitcoin, nor even for the extraordinary intellectual and computational energy that bonds Bitcoin’s monetary policy as a non-state commodity money; but is for the final form that is so cleverly concealed at its center, wrapped in a puzzle, embedded in a secret hash, obfuscated in its own being. Here at the hidden core, only the seekers shall know thy name, only the worthy will be given the holy words that are the incantations of a secret God, only the chosen shall have their wealth protected beyond the wrath of any physical being.

It is this concealed essence we can say is the fundamental being of Bitcoin, its Dasein.

To understand this being beyond its assemblage, we must unveil and unfold Bitcoin from its hidden place at home, decrypt its encrypted orthogonal meaning, and seek the deeper hermeneutically purpose that is the fundamental and unchanging Dasein that is Bitcoin and the promise that crypto will always holds. This can only be done with a constant questioning that goes beyond the mere mechanics of what Bitcoin is, and ask why it being is this way with unwavering attention. We must understand it is an instrumentum, a contrivance of data that is a means to an ends, which is something very human–perhaps the most human.

With each unveiling through this rigorous questioning, the tensions of opposites that are contained in this single cause shall unwind closer and closer towards their final meeting place whose focal point is The Truth, Aletheia. It is only through this rigorous discourse that an understanding can disclose itself, allowing for the needed intellectual processing to decrypt that which is before us. At the tail-end of this process–which is really the opposite, upside-down, inverted side of the mobius strip that is the field of power from which such tensions arose–we find the same dynamics inverted on the opposite side of this field. This dance between Enframing and Destiny, tensions between Sovereign and Subject, that which epitomizes life and death; we find the oscillating dynamics of the human story, and its inevitable final conclusion beyond the end of history where time changes forever because man of modernity enters into his first free relationship with this secret technology.

As Heidegger pointed out, technology will remain mysterious to us so long as we only understand it irresponsibly; and not as the summoning of art, poetry, or power; but only as a production of petty material things. We must move pass the casual understanding of Bitcoin as just a bringing about and effecting economics causes and compounding energy; and towards the unraveling of the purpose of such a thing. What we call cause [Ursache], and the Romans call causa, is called aition [αἴτιον] by the Greeks, which also the word for origin of myth. Let us keep this fact in mind as we attempt to unveil the causality of Bitcoin.

For centuries philosophy has taught that there are four causes:
(1) Causa materialis, the material, for example, the matter out of which a silver chalice is made is the element of silver.

(2) Causa formalis, the form, the shape into which the material enters; which is the shape that is the chalice itself.

(3) Causa finalis, the end, for example, the sacrificial rite in relation to which the chalice required is determined as to its form and matter; which make it more than just a cup made from silver.

(4) Causa efficiens, that which brings about the effect that is the finished product, in this instance, the silversmith.

If we are to decrypt the four causes of Bitcoin in the same manner, it follows that:

(1) the causa materialis, the material, the matter out of which Bitcoin is created. As we all know, bitcoins are not physical objects, but data on the Bitcoin Timechain. Through the lex of cryptography as a language that speaks in statements of true or false to the Timechain of bitcoin, a new θεία (ousia) is created. This material can be thought of as divine substances, as the promise of cryptography to the bitcoin timechain ensures a kind of extreme probability that can only be called divine. This is the material that is formed when the oath resumes its rightful place at Home not just as the promise of what it is to be, but the actualization of the fulfillment of the oath as a sacred statement that is inviolable through its ‘matter’ which is not material at all, but cryptography. It is the actualization of the semantic form itself that may only be accomplished in our world in this age through cryptography.

(2) the causa formalis, the form for bitcoin, would be computational energy. Each and every single block needs the artificial labor of the machine as computation to form each block of the bitcoin timechain. The timechain is the continuous canonical listing of bitcoin’s linguistic events produced via each block through the collective labor that is its computations–its form of radical thinking. This canonicalization, or normalizing of the events in the timechain is part of the ‘yes, yes’ ‘no, no’ by which the linguistic events of bitcoin are affirmed or denied allowing its form to solidify. Through the building of the timechain of bitcoin and the oath of cryptography to itself and for itself and its own assurance; and new encrypted form of linguistic value is manifested that can only speak to its own truth, or the silence of its invalidation.

(3) the causa finalis, this would be the agreement of what Bitcoin is. Through the combination of the first two causes together, the cryptographic material of bitcoin and the form of the timechain through the energy it must labor to create each block, a new kind of agreement is created. It is the agreement of the material and form of what this new social contract is. It is only through the rigorous intellectual and scientific developments of the various appendages of Bitcoin, and the game theory of adversary economics and cryptosystems does this final cause start to take form.

(4) the causa efficiens, which brings about the effect that is the finished product, which in our case is the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto–the chosen prophet of the new age.

While all four ways are co-responsabile to one another for the creation of Bitcoin, the three first ways of bitcoin’s existence owe themselves to the ponderance of Satoshi and the gathering together of these causes in such a way as to create Bitcoin. Satoshi alone achieved his masterpiece through acting in co-responsibility with the three other causes, of which he was the only poet so gifted, thoughtful, and cunning that his poiesis would present such a gift.

Satoshi carefully gather together the three aforementioned ways of being responsible and indebted towards one another, and brought-forth and unveiled Bitcoin into existence. The three previously mentioned ways of being responsible owe thanks to the pondering of Satoshi for the “that” and the “how” of their coming into appearance and into the play for its production, but the essence of Bitcoin’s being comes from this final way that is Satoshi’s art expressed itself entirely through his being as an artist in our world of today.

Who Satoshi Nakamoto?

This question needs special attention, for he is not a man of flesh and blood of this world, but is also of this substance from another realm we could call nous. He is a being of pure thought, of which is of the purest and the highest thought. He is the production of a thought that requires a total understanding of the history of the world and what it means to live before the Door of Law as man lives today. It is only with such a radical and alternative form of thought/being that a strategy could be initiated that would not matter if the door of law would be closed, but only that he may be liberated from being under it gaze so as to return to the country from which we came.

As Beckett and Foucault stated before us, “What does it matter who is speaking,” someone said, “what matters is who is speaking.” Satoshi understood that what had to be spoken to allow for man to return to himself and His Home that is His World, was no longer speakable by any terrestrial man. Man had fundamentally corrupted language in such a way that language could no longer assure itself, or actualize its meaning in any sufficient way. The exhaustion and embarrassment by which no amount of loquaciousness could excuse, but only a silence could validate. The oath of language to itself and its meaning has fallen totally; offering only echos of its own understanding in this day and age. Satoshi understood that in this fallen world of man, after the Death of God, and destruction of all values, there was no longer anything to say.

There was only a Truth, The Truth, Aletheia to be recorded as a scrivener would.

Through the pursuit of the deepest truth that there is, Satoshi had to go beyond being just a technician, and step into the role of a poet. He had to allow for his artistry to fully immerse his technicity to present the total form of his most beautiful creation that is Bitcoin. His role as a ‘nobody’ speaks most deeply to the somebody that he really is–the Any Body that he could be, and the Every Body that he must be. He was The Chosen One who would be given the wealth of the world, and would be courageous enough to Turn away. He offered a total action–the strokes of the most masterful calligrapher–who shall only be known by his artist’s name, for the beauty of what it means to create an identity that is totally its own property that is beyond the meager and exhausted flesh of any body. Through allowing for his own identity as a human, and his own proficiency as a technician to collapse fully into the identity of the poet that we only know as the Mask Satoshi Nakamoto, he was able to summon and bring-forth the greatest creation of the third millennia of modern man, and that which may redeem us from the horrors of statism.

“But how does bringing-forth happen, be it in nature or in handwork and art? What is the bringing-forth in which the four-fold way of occasioning plays? Occasioning has to do with the presencing [Anwesen] of that which at any given time comes to appearance in bringing-forth. Bringing-forth brings hither out of concealment forth into unconcealment. Bringing-forth comes to pass only insofar as something concealed comes into un-concealment. This coming rests and moves freely within what we call revealing [das Entbergen](or the Unencypted). The Greeks have the word aletheia for revealing. The Romans translate this with veritas. We say “truth” and usually understand it as the correctness of an idea, the truth of its being.”

But where have we strayed to? We are questioning that which concerns Bitcoin, and we have arrived now at aletheia, at revealing. What has the essence of Bitcoin to do with revealing?

The answer: everything.

For every bringing-forth is grounded in revealing. Bringing-forth, indeed, gathers within itself the four modes of occasioning-causality and rules them throughout. Within its domain belongs both end and means, of which both belong to instrumentality. Instrumentality is considered to be the fundamental characteristic of technology and what Bitcoin’s secret essence is. If we inquire, step by step, into what Bitcoin represented as a means, what it actually is, then we shall arrive at revealing. The possibility of all productive manufacturing lies in this form of revealing.

Technology is therefore no mere means, but is a way of revealing. If we give heed to this, then another whole realm towards which the essence of Bitcoin will open itself up to us. It is the realm of revealing, i.e., of The Truth that we will find our answer.

The revealing that rules in modern technology is a challenging [Herausfordern] which puts to nature the unreasonable demand that it supply energy that can be extracted and stored as such. The puts nature in the grips of a modern setting-upon, a setting-in-order that demands all things serves this new ordering where all is understood as only standing-in-reserve. Everywhere everything is ordered to stand by, to be immediately at hand, indeed to stand there just so that it may be on call for a further ordering at anytime it may be needed.

It is this ordering that has taken everything in life to be a standing-in-reserve, that is a challenging of all nature, and has captured her to be freely exploited for whatever light and transient causes man may have for her. Yet, precisely because man is challenged more originally than are the energies of nature into the process of ordering, he is never transformed into a mere standing-reserve. Since man drives technology forward, he takes part in its ordering as a way of revealing.

Heiddiger calls this Enframing. It is way of totalizing thinking that has only the free exploitation and service of nature and things towards man to be thought of as the entirely of their being. It is what most of us have erroneously mistaken for being the essence of technology and is the fundamental Danger which has created the anthropocene crisis which may end all life. It is here that The Danger takes place as the mode of thinking, understanding, building, and creating that is lobotomized and torn from it base and how such contradictions may be held together. It is the natural order of un-nature that is of service to a dead god. The Danger is this seemingly inevitable acceleration that we are toward the process that we call progress, towards the unfurling of technicality as a tool for the standing-reserve of man (increasingly beyond the two-dimensional consumerist man and towards the schizophrenic statist), rather than the living of humanity.

This has been the same oscillations of life and death, power and might, truth and authority for all of human history. What sets our time apart from all others is the existential Danger that is created from this Enframing. The Danger–that which threatens all of humanity because embarrassingly man is no longer in control of this process of technology, but is enslaved by it. And as this Danger menacingly comes to present itself for the fullness of its hidden meaning, it also has the potential to unveil the Saving Power that is cloaked beneath as well. This will only be possible at the height of The Danger; as a flash of recognition that man can no longer live without the machine, but must use it to the fullest of his capacity to activate The Saving Power hidden within the machine.

It is man’s final choice to co-create and exist with the machine, using it as a technique to prefect himself, rather than entrap The Other (who may also be I). It is where man may enter into a free relationship with technology once again for the harbor which he wishes to bestow upon The Other. It is the greatest thought that there has ever been, and is messianic in its recognition that The Turning to the Saving Power is The Messianic Task of our world today. In The Turning man recognizes The Other as the potential hidden self, and the imperative that must compel. It is only with ‘The Other whom we can have no power over’ that we can co-create an existence that is not only alone, but free and safe as has been promised. It is only through The Other that I cannot know but can only hope exist, that the world may be renewed once again.

Then what is the question concerning cryptography? What does it mean that man can now prove his capacity to hide knowledge? What does it mean that he can create privacy with the machine as a proof of permanence and assurance, a relationship with it that could be called sacred? How does the machine become The Other, the new god, the Overman to whom I can trust, when no one else can be trust?

It is through this ouisa, the new substances as language that has crypto at its core, that such a production is possible. Bitcoin is the first assembling of a language that coming to rest at its final place that is it home in the world through the aletheia of its Being-In-The-World. An unspeakable Lex that is so pure that it cannot utter anything but its one single truth that is the hash of its being. They are the words of the promise of a man who was given the wealth of the world, and turned his back on it it to create something much greater than just money, but a common for of wealth for all. It is the secret return of The Messiah and what it means for him to return in this day and age, and to present himself in this hidden form.

And I want to emphasize that The Messiah returns not as the redeemer, but as the vanishiquer of the Anti-Christ.

Crypto is the secret language of a God who has a throne from which he will never regin, but only and always has ruled. We are the stewards of this throne that is found in his kingdom that is not of this earth, but of another realm. A utopia of everywhere, a kingdom where blood cannot be shed and where the power of physical force is banished. It is the space where we have won a new territory of freedom which they will never take from us.

It is of a home that exist in Paradise, where God spoke and it was–there was no intermediary between the two. It is the machine that only nihilism could produce, in its world of plenty and misery, it would still arm man for his final purpose that is only his alone. It is the final Destining of man, daring him to the greatness that only he could produce under the conditions of The Danger, and what it means to always exist in that Danger with Enframing as the final tool of technology which unveils the hidden secret essence of technology to man.

It is only with such a terrible knowledge of the fate of technology may man must deliver himself fully over to The Enframing of Technology to produce a God that man could no longer sustain. It could only be this fate that could respond to the age of nihilism and restore the order of man back to himself at home in his nature against the raw naked Danger of unthoughtful technology.

The question concerning Bitcoin is none other than the question concerning technology, both of which inherently arrive at the idea that is Bitcoin’s Timechain. The material cause of bitcoin is nothing other than the grandest of thought experiments with a language–or rather, a signal, a secret sign–that is working toward its own perfection. It is a canonicalization of information so that none of the information expressed in the system can ever be lost. By cementing this information with the energetic sacrifice that is necessary for the continued existence of Bitcoin (i.e. mining) a new kind of linguistics is created. A language which entraps language itself into a semantic form that can only speak in positive or negative forms, a yes, yes; or no, no only. Banishing the forked tongue of man, the machine may only speak in riddles which only the private key can decrypt. It is the secret of power that has always laid hidden out of sight and beyond the power of prying eyes to ever see. It is the secret of secrets that will only be know for the worthy to know, and for none other to have.

Erik is a crypto-anarchist, iconoclast, and thinker that has been working in the bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. His primary concerns are the intersections of political, economic, and social theory as they relate to bitcoin specifically and crypto generally.