Here is a list of Podcast that Erik Cason has appeared on, or are discussing his works from Cryptosovereignty at greater length:

Nov 21, 2019, TotalBitcoin #49: Erik Cason- “The Messianic Power of Bitcoin and How It Can Save The World

Jan 26, 2020, TotalBitcoin #65: Erik Cason – “Total Bitcoin Freedom

Mar 31, 2020, TotalBitcoin #78: Erik Cason – “Question of Legitimacy of the Central Banks & Governments?

May 14th, 2020, Citizen Bitcoin, “Erik Cason: Economic and Social Outcomes of Bitcoin

May 22, 2020, Bitcoin Rapid-Fire: “Bitcoin is Messianic

Aug 31, 2020, A Boy Named Pseu podcast, “#157 Bitcoin’s Cosmic Salvation With Erik Cason

Sep 27, 2020, Bitcoin Rapid-Fire: “BITCOIN HANG w/ Robert Breedlove, Erik Cason, and American Hodl

Nov 2, 2020, TotalBitcoin #131: Erik Cason & Stefanie von Jan- “Truth Not Authority Makes Legitimacy.

Bitcoin Audible, Read #448 – “Crypto, Truth & Power

Bitcoin Audible, Read #398 – “The Political Theology of Bitcoin