Messianic Bitcoin

Stefan Lochner, Last Judgment, c. 1435.

The eschatological task hidden in Bitcoin

“For the Messiah arrives not merely as the Redeemer; he also arrives as the vanquisher of the Anti-Christ. The only writer of history with the gift of setting alight the sparks of hope in the past, is the one who is convinced of this: that not even the dead will be safe from the enemy, if he is victorious. And this enemy has not ceased to be victorious.”

Walter Benjamin, On the Concept of History

Bitcoin is Messianic because it is about so much more than just money. It is about the power and redemption of God when we choose to use and hodl our wealth in a medium that can be controlled by no one, and open to everyone. It is messianic not for its economic capacity, the cryptographic seal it creates, or even for the sovereign power it contains; but for the very real faith it gives us in something better.

It is this faith that has the power to change everything.

Bitcoin is about the power of God because of what is unlocked when we believe in a force that is beyond the temporal power of any mortal, any government, or any other kind of physical force. Bitcoin presents the saving grace of the world of today, and is how we may redeem and save ourselves from this world of lies, guile, and deception. And it is not just about Bitcoin as techne (τέχνη), but is about Bitcoin the episteme (ἐπιστήμη) that imbues it with messianic meaning.

Hidden deep inside of Bitcoin we find a messianic power that is created when one understands the true meaning of cryptography and what it can offer to each individual person on this planet. It is a power that redeems us from nation-states, governments, laws, identities, and every other form of power that seeks to exert control over us. Within Bitcoin is hidden a power that allows for any person, born anywhere, from any nation, of any faith to choose a new God who has sanctified the power of cryptography and the majesty that will always animate it. It is the secret of a God who loves us so much that he would allow for cryptography to be developed into this world, for the free and fair use of all people, everywhere.

This God that is found in Bitcoin offers us a kind of protection and safety that is beyond anything in the world of today. It is the immanence that is the true, the real, and the profound wealth that is knowledge of God, and his infinite promise to keep us safe. It is a promise that no man, no government, no institution anywhere today can fulfill because of the fallen nature of language and its complete corruption which has torn it asunder. The meaninglessness that has become the oath, and the total lack of any language to obligate itself towards its semantic form has created our pathway here. And through the super-language project that is Bitcoin, we now have an exit as well.

Bitcoin is about God because Bitcoin is not just about money–it is about the promise of what a truly free and fair money and form of wealth controlled by no one nation, state or institution means in the world of today. It is the introduction of a messianic object into the world that has absolute scarcity about it for the promise it will always cointain. It creates a radical new way forward that allows for humans to organize voluntarily on the grandest of scales, and advances human civilization as a whole. It allows for any person anywhere to save and protect their wealth, legacy, and honor far beyond our life expectancy and into the foreseeable future. Through our actions today, and supporting Bitcoin we ensure that one-thousand years from now that a fair and equitable economic order has been established for all future generations to come. Bitcoin is a power that allows for us to and overcome any nation-state, move past any physical boundaries set, and move man into the cosmos of space itself.

God is found in Bitcoin at the exact moment that the flash of understanding illuminates the reason of cryptography, and that it is seen and understood as knowledge. In this moment of spectacular holy light that flashes for the briefest of instances; the power of cryptography is unveiled with all of its grandeur, glory, and extraordinary power. This is the power of cryptosovereignty and it is the personal power offered by Bitcoin and the cryptographic contract that is between oneself and God alone. It is not the machine, nor the code, nor even the person who does the decrypting that creates this power–but it is the immanence of God himself as he moves through the world with his secret ways. God is the one who has allowed for such a marvel as Bitcoin to be created, and to be brought forth into this world, and it is His will which protects it and continually displays its glory for all to see.

Satoshi Nakamoto is God’s chosen prophet of this new technological age, and he is The Figure who can change the destiny of the whole of humanity for good. Through his anonymous production of Bitcoin through the power of cryptography, he has proven to the world that cryptography is the most powerful weapon against any state, or any advisory–even Armilus himeself. It is not a constituent power of force, but a destituent power of forbidding. Through the totality of this new kind of power Satoshi has given us the keys to decrypting our way out of this Hell, and asked for nothing in return. This is nothing short of messianic, and it is not for the wealth or power he has created, but for destituent and forbidding power that Bitcoin impels.

Within Satoshi we find someone who looks so much like The Mahdi, but the light that surrounds him is just too blinding from the task that he has done. We cannot see who he really is through this blinding halo; but what does it matter who he is? What matters is who Satoshi really is–he is the one who produced Bitcoin into the world and he is the one who had the courage to walk away. Only through his embracement of being a no-body–a person who is not of this physical world, and who does not have a body of flesh and blood, do we find the savior of our time–the creator of a new territory of freedom from which we can redeem the physical realm. 

This task of creating Bitcoin was something that could only be produced by the anonymous stranger. The Other whom I can have no power over. It is only from them, the faceless, nameless other, that the possibility of Bitcoin could bloom into the world. In a world of egoist delusions of the grandest of scale, where statist have allowed for the machine of power to satisfy every sick desire they have, to spy upon everyone, and attempt to know every possible thing, could the anonymous other achieve such a power. Through refusing to offer a body to be destroyed, a reputation to be tarnished, an identity to be punished, Satoshi ensured that he could go beyond the power of any state, and become the Overman of the digital era. Only a person so humble as not to speak their name, so gracious as to not claim their fame, so powerful as to refuse even a satoshi of the greatest fortune on earth could have accomplish a task as great as Bitcoin. 

Satoshi did all of this not to become rich, famous, or even powerful; but as an act of love alone. To bestow upon humanity a power that could redeem us from the lawlessness and disorder of fiat money, and to go beyond the wrath of a law and politics that is utterly corrupt and broken. He has delivered us a system of protection that can offer us a kind of safety and security that no other can offer, and opens the world to a radically new possibility of peace in our time. Satoshi created something which glows with the immanence of glory that only God could contain, and he gifted it to us without a desire for anything else, or to be known for anything beyond his task alone. What else could this be called other than the greatest kind of love?

Bitcoin is Messianic because it engages in all of these questions, and does not retreat a step or give in at all. It forces one to ask the question, “Who is this God and why would his providence be hidden in something as trite and banal as just ‘money’?” This is the most important question that can be asked, for it illuminates our path of reasoning from which we are creating a new horizon of freedom that is beyond this world of flesh and steel. Such questioning creates an active way of reasoning and thinking about what is the nature of money, law, and power, and why they function in such ways. Bitcoin actively forces questions about what it means for wealth to be fair, and what it means to live in a world where we must make that a reality.

Bitcoin is about God because it impels the Apocalypse (ἀποκάλυψις) in the deepest sense of the word–a revealing of the truth of all things. Bitcoin reveals an epochal change that cannot be stopped, and that the world needs if we are to ever live in peace, without the threat of violent exploitation looming over every one of us. Bitcoin threatens the very foundation of the world order of empire today through revealing that fiat money is little more than legal theft by decree, and the state nothing more than violent thugs who demand to control all wealth at any cost. Bitcoin induces a personal theological struggle against all orders of fiat money, and demands a future freed from these last vestiges of the slavery of man.

Bitcoin offers us a hope of redemption from this world that has fallen into chaos, meaninglessness, and disorder through offering us a new kind of social contract from which we can find the true hidden power of God once again. Bitcoin has the very real trapping of what it means to find God in this world so deeply sown with men who are empty of themselves and have lost the confidence of God and His order of the world. No longer will we tolerate states that calls themselves omnipotent towards the order of wealth, and entitled to a power that amounts to that over all of life. We are here to say with a thunderous rumble, no long will the state be the final purveyor of wealth, the watchman over all of life. 

No longer will we tolerate living in a world of liars, sycophants, and sociopaths who seek to control everything through fear and terror, authority and decree. No longer will we idly sit by and allow them to eat out our wealth, and reduce us to impoverished destitution for their selfish and greedy desires. No longer will we allow for their corrupt and deranged version of false democracy to allow for the theft of the world in exchange for broken political promises we all know to be lies. We now have something better–a way to resist and fight back–a messianic weapon of unequivocal value which they can never take away, they can never destroy, and will outlast them all. For Bitcoin is not about just money–it is about a new way of life.

Bitcoin is about God because it induces a theological struggle against all fiat money. This is an eschatological task in the deepest sense of the meaning, for it is no longer just about money; but it is about law and order itself. It begs the question, “Are men entitled to control the wealth of the world and the order of law, or is it something that is beyond them, and their temporal nature in this world?”

All of these questions are part of the great ontology of Bitcoin and what it means to be alive in this day and age of the technological renaissance. They are questions that force us to deal with the meaning of the Death of God and how we may find a path to create and accept a power that is higher than the state, fiat money, and all of their appendages of death. To accept Bitcoin is to accept a God that is glorious enough to have created the power that is Bitcoin, and to have given it to us through the extraordinary grace and disposition that is his prophet Satoshi Nakamoto.

Through the hidden knowledge that Bitcoin endows us with, we discover the secrets of power that have always animated cryptography, and shall always ensure its grace and power to protect us. Not only does Bitcoin have the power to vanquish the nation-state today without shedding a drop of blood, but it also opens us to a radical new form of communal living based upon the power of cryptography, and the magnanimity and consanguinity it must always cointain.

Here we stand at the edge of a new era, a new dawn from which humanity can rise from the bondage of fiat money, and create a radically different future that is better for all. Bitcoin cointains the power to create a new commonwealth from cryptography where truth, not authority becomes the final purveyor of legitimacy. Bitcoin has initiated a struggle against the globalized world order where the nation-state and their infinite fiat money and propensity for violence can no longer hold sway, for the very thing they signify is not money, wealth, or power, but illegitimacy, incompetence, and evil. Through the infinite power that all states have declared they are entitled to, they have created the very condition that proves their illegitimacy and the need for them to be totally and completely destroyed.

Satoshi, as the first prophet of this new digital age, has given us a gift that is beyond anything comparable, and has the potential to redeem the human race from the evil that has captured it today. If everyone today were to understand Bitcoin, and to accept it as their primary form of wealth and savings, the world would become a radically different place overnight.

This is because Bitcoin introduces a new form of law that is beyond any nation-state and their gangrenous legal systems. With Bitcoin, man no longer needs to rely upon the forked tongues of liars and politicians to create his laws or money. Bitcoin is a testimony against the entire system of statism and the inherent violence it must always contain by offering us a radical new system that protects our wealth and agreements beyond the words of any man, of any contemporary laws, of any legalized violence. Bitcoin is the unveiling of truth that the state exists only as an object for the domination and exploitation of man over man, and its belief that the state is a God entitled to the whole of the world and future for itself alone.

However, through the use, hodling, and proclamation that Bitcoin is to the world, we have a way to change everything. This unveiling is the Evangelion of Bitcoin; The Good News that it is, and the hope that it will always cointain. No longer do we need to live in fear and terror of state robberies under the pretext of law. We now have a way to resist and refuse to allow for such horrors; and it is glorious in the most profound and significant ways.

To vanquish Dajjal–the evil force that believes itself to be above all human life, entitled to the endangerment of the whole of life on earth for its own petty and temporal gains–is the task at hand. However, there is no amount of violence, no amount of force, no kind of authority that can accomplish such a task. It is something that must be chosen by each individual on this planet. To choose to refuse to be part of such barbarism, to participate in such evil, and to turn towards something better that may offer the real protection and safety that we all desire. And through this action alone of refusal, we will make the world new again.

Through what Bitcoin promises, through the oath that it is to itself and the assurances it creates, bitcoin creates a radical new opening from which humanity can redeem itself. Bitcoin accomplishes this by being not only better than any fiat money today, but by being better than any fiat money that could ever exist. Bitcoin initiates the total and final struggle over the wealth of the world, and what it means to free the wealth of tomorrow from the struggles of today. Bitcoin creates a money that is fair to our posterity, and allows for us to reclaim the commonality of our wealth–something that only we may do.

Through the declaration of what Bitcoin is, what it seeks to be, and how it liberates us from the chains of fiat bondage and the state’s panopticon, we create the conditions for the return of the messiah, whomever they may be. Through the extraordinary love that is Bitcoin, we all may share in the majesty that it contains, the Good News that it is, and participate in the redemption of humanity from the shame of statism and what it has done to our world, our people, and our nature. 

Bitcoin is the messianic object that humanity has been waiting for: to be liberated from the chains and bondage of the economic and physical power of man over man. It is the blinding light of an object of value that cannot be extracted from any person no matter how much violence is extolled upon them when used correctly with the rituals of cryptography. It is the finality of choosing to refuse to participate in a system of exploitation, corruption, and meaninglessness in order to choose something greater for us all.

Satoshi as God’s prophet for a new technological age has given us the gift of the world, the final hope from which we can change everything. It is a 

Bitcoin is the personal choice of redemption from corrupt authority of any color, and replaces it with the power of truth, and what that means in the world of today. Bitcoin is a choice, a choice for something better, for a money that cannot be taken for the light and transient causes of corrupt governments and the greed they will always be. It is a choice to create a better world together, through using cryptography and the new form of social contract it entails. It is a choice of love; for Bitcoin respects both you and I enough as human beings that it desires to protect us with the cryptographic guarantees that only God alone could offer.

Bitcoin is Messianic, not for the infinite wealth it will create, nor for the infinite guarantees of cryptography it contains; but because of the free will that each person must act upon to accept it, and the absolute and complete condition of love that using it must entail. To allow for each individual the personal choice that is Bitcoin, the choice to turn away from the system of evil that runs the world of today, and to choose to create something better with one another is the messianic secret it contains. Through this power of choice we get to create a new system of values and wealth together, which not only redeems us from the sins of our physical bodies, and from the world of flesh and steel, but also gives us the power to vanquish the Anti-Christ which so clearly rules the world today. Bitcoin is the choice to create something extraordinary together that will liberate us all for the better future that is to come, and for that reason it will always contain the messianic promise of a better world that is to come. 

A massive thank you to Jesse Posner (@jesseposner) and Joe Rodgers (@_joerodgers) for their feedback on this essay.

Erik is a crypto-anarchist, iconoclast, and thinker that has been working in the bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. His primary concerns are the intersections of political, economic, and social theory as they relate to bitcoin specifically and crypto generally.