The Crypto Sovereignty Project

The Crypto Sovereignty Project is a research and educational project whose mission is to build and promote the personal sovereignty found in decentralized cryptographic technologies. We call this new power cryptosovereignty.

In the coming decades cryptosovereignty will fundamentally reshape the internet and challenge all forms of sovereign power in existence. It is of the utmost importance that thoughtful, thorough, long-term committed research is conducted to understand the radical social, economic, and political implications of this technology.

It is the mission of the Crypto Sovereignty Project to be the leading research alliance guiding alternative philosophical, economic, and political conversations on the significance of crypto asset technology and the new form of sovereignty it provides. We believe that by the very nature of what this technology is, and the hope that it represents against established systems of power and hegemony, that it would be impossible for this research to be carried out or presented within classic institutions or frameworks.

We believe that crypto is the most powerful tool in the quest for the liberation of humankind, and that it fundamentally changes sovereignty at the most basic level. We believe that if we are to ensure our rights to this technology, and the liberty it provides, then we must develop the intellectual, philosophical, and social vision for what this technology is for. We will only maintain our security in this new territory of freedom if there is good reason for our cause, and a strong argument to support it. 

Please join us on our journey to promote cryptosovereignty and the power can provide to any and all humans on the planet.