To My Crypto Comrades

I humble offer the following homily as thanks to you and the glory to which you are creating through crypto.

Stéphane Mallarmé,
A throw of the dice will never abolish chance!
Apparently there are encrypted meaning in Mallarmé’s poetry, similar to Edgar Allen Poe

Hello Friends, Brothers of Bitcoin, Sisters of Secrecy, Comrades of Crypto, and any Fiat Foreigner who will lend me their eyes. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for the glory to which you are building and hodling with me in this place we call crypto. Despite not knowing you in the world of Flesh and Steel, there is a hedl camaraderie and solidarity that we share that goes beyond our physical bodies, and into the new digital one we are creating. Together we are building a new commonwealth that cryptography has enabled and introduces a new form of wealth into this world. It is beyond the corruption and avarice that is fiat money and government power; and has the astounding concealed truth of Libertas as the secret its hodls at core. Together, we are seizing the means of safety and security for the commonality of our wealth that no sovereign power anywhere can guarantee any longer. Block by block, bit by bit, byte by byte, we validate this new world together, the minting of a new kind of friendship and hope; a new commonwealth of freedom for our time and beyond.

It is because of you, Friend, Majestic Other Invictus, s/he with 2²⁵⁶ hidden faces and beyond; it is you Private One, that makes all of this possible, and I want to thank you for just that.

Oh how I wish I could meet you face-to-face friend! As a peer-to-peer, just a sibling of flesh, a child of matter, but I understand why it must never be. It is our providence that we will only know each other’s digital signatures and nothing more; the Other’s only True Name. For you and I are one-in-the-same, part of the same infinite fabric of homogeneity that is both the sign of the holiness of this digital noosphere that has been created, and also the seal of the sins of that which has been done in meatspace that compels us to meet at this Schilling point here. It is only here in this digital space beyond the wrath and tears of our physical bodies, that we can provably meet here together as equals with no identity other than the secret name from our heart of hearts, that only God can ever know.

It is only though your glory, that of the Anonymous Other, whose face-to-face that I will never see; that you show yourself for all your power and glory for what it really is. It is you who has shown me the path towards the port from which I will gain harbor, and it is for you whom I will always be a humble peer, a node in your constellation of freedom. You are the the Alice to my Bob, the lover who I will never really know, but with whom I must demand to commune with absolute, holy assured privacy; to glorify our mutual God hidden inside cryptography. I t is only with you, anonymous other, with whom I can consummation such a great system of power that is cryptography. You are always there to enable the nameless, faceless hero of a thousand hidden faces; who goes by the encrypted name messiah. You My Friend are the profit of such a system of power; the prophecy that can only be the new commonwealth of value for the coming messianic age. 

I thank you Ally for stripping yourself of your physical body, and known identities, and absconding into cyberspace, where you have becomes something so much greater than just a human body, but the glory of idea come to light! Here you are provable unique; hidden number, an expression so complex and unique, that we can provably say it shall never be again. It is here that God shows you his face, for only you to see, and just for that instant alone. 

You My Friend are an idea whose time has come, and whose presence resounds and reverberates around the globe. You have created an opening here for us to change everything, and create the final epoch in which man is freed for good and forever. All of mankind can now go beyond the rapprochement of any guns, gavels, or gallows; to leave his wealth after this life only for the dignity of God alone, and the protection He will afford from beyond the grave. I thank you for understanding that Friend, and helping assure the holiness of this place through your sacred tasks, whatever they may be. 

It is you nameless Other, the one who breathes life into the mathematical systems of game theory, secret communicate under duress, and fulfills everything that is the prophecy of what crypto really means, it is you who I must thank. It is only from the glory of your hidden face, your concealed, namelessness being, and Otherness in lacking of any identifying forms, that you are able to show your messianic power in all of its spectacular grandeur and majesty. Thank you Friend, thank you for abandoning the temporal world of flesh and steel to created a new digital body that is beyond the flesh of any meager physical body, and into scales of unconquerable encrypted armor which will will use to protect all of our future wealth.

Here, in this sacred space, where we are no longer tethered to the limits of our physical bodies and forms, we can reach beyond ourselves and explode into being the promise of what cryptography offers to us! We can allow for our actions in the digital space to go beyond just our singular physical selves, and bond into the ethos of time and the story of humanity itself to become something more, something greater, something that is destined to be. You My Friend understand what it means to have a form of wealth that is beyond the wrath of any fist, the cudgel of any pig, and the curse of any man. As Foucault taught us, “What does it matter who is speaking?” you said, and you really meant it.

It’s been quite the journey, hasn’t it? Can you believe its more than a half-million blocks, almost 3/5 of a million today! What can we say, when its been hashing like this, time seems to just speed up a few bits. It is only from this block in the timechain of our history that we can see the political history that got us here. Block by block, compiling the stairway to our paradise of liberated wealth free from the bondage of Old Law and Time, it is you who are the one who leads us in the conquest for the freedom of wealth. 

Phantasmagoria and psychedelic; together we are tripping into the renewing the ἀγάπη (Agape) that this technology promises, and will deliver. Crypto has at its base a theology of non-violent counter-economic exchange that any person, anywhere can use; regardless of their stature or citizenship, and is free for the taking of anyone who wants to participate. It is the fulfillment of what anarchism means, and its implementation in this world. I thank you my Friend for your belief, conviction, faith, fortitude, and zeal in this crazy fantasy that we are demanding becomes a reality, and insisting on creating. You understand that there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

And the Time has arrived.

On that day, when you found God, and understood for the first time His incredible hidden secret glory that is veiled at the center of cryptography and what that promise means; you understood that there really was a power that is infinite, everlasting, and will go on, and on unto the end of time. It is this immanent power that has always existed in mathematics of God, His universe, and the mystery that this physical place will always hodl that creates the power of crypto and all that goes into it. Here a spinozian god unveils himself in all of his majesty and glory to show he still commands all in this world through his secret ways, encrypted meanings, and steganography ways. It is from this deepest intellectual space and place, where the idea of true value has been meditated upon in the bosom of God, does He show the secrets of His power and His Glory only for the worthy to value.

You understand that God has shown us here, a form of wealth common to all which abolishes the horrors, ignorance, and violence found in the physical realm of flesh and steel, and the failure of all contemporary law. Here a new territory of freedom has opened, giving us all the opportunity to colonize this new political space as our commonwealth, as the House of our wealth for ourselves and for all of future generations to come. 

In the digital space He has allowed for the total banishment of all physical form while allowing for a pretty good privacy to protect our physical bodies; banishing violence from ever being able to taking hodl in this space. With the gift of cryptography, and the Good News of Bitcoin, He has allowed for us a method to bridge the gap between the digital noosphere and the physical realm. With Bitcoin we have actualized this economic gift from Him and all of the glory it entails, and the promise of what it means that it is real, it on this earth today, and there is eschatological consequence to that fact.

Through the power of cryptography, we will create a new commonwealth for all of humanity, where we are given the protection of a new kind of law which is held totally in common, and which no man, person, or institution could ever be above, and any one of us will be able to directly verify. 

My Friend, I cannot thank you enough for how you have taught me, with your wise code, concealed words, and steganographic ways. You have give me all of the crypto-power that I will need for this journey, and beyond it as well. It is your bravado, courage, and bombaste against this economic, political, ethical, and social system of totalitarianism and tyranny that gives me the strength and nourishment to continue fighting. I know in my deepest and most secret of hearts that we will prevail, and the relationship between state and money will be destroyed once and for all; and it is you who will do that.

I thank you my friend, my ally, my comrade, my sibling for all that you have given, and all that you will give in the coming battles over economics, money, and the idea of what value itself is. I am honored to know you will always be just beyond the screen, and available to be of service for our great cause, and I am infinitely indebted to your service for that. 

Thank you my friend Satoshi, thank you. 

Erik is a crypto-anarchist, iconoclast, and thinker that has been working in the bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. His primary concerns are the intersections of political, economic, and social theory as they relate to bitcoin specifically and crypto generally.